5 Totally Non-Essential Batman Stories You Should Check Out Anyway

Enjoy some lesser-known tales of the Dark Knight.

Peter Shelton


Lists telling you about the definitive Batman stories you absolutely have to buy are ten-a-penny. By now, anyone in the world with even a vague interest in Batman knows that they should probably check out Year One, The Dark Knight Returns and The Long Halloween. So as an antidote to the endless carping about the greats, here is an eclectic selection of Batman media that you don’t really need to have in your life, but at least you’ll have a great time if you do.

5. Batman Versus Predator

This is how you do a crossover. It reads like above-average fan-fiction, but it’s such a wild ride of nerd-tastic badassery that you won’t mind. Everyone’s favourite extra-terrestrial big-game hunter arrives in Gotham City in search of worthy prey, and starts picking off the power-players of Gotham’s underworld on both sides of a gangland feud.

Of course, Batman is soon on the case of the mysterious slasher, only to discover that he’s crossed paths with a brutal alien warrior of a far higher calibre than his usual quarry. Naturally, he’s forced to up his game, as the Predator’s reign of terror threatens to plunge all of Gotham into lethal chaos. Everything builds to a knock-down drag-out finale in which the Predator finally meets a human worthy of his skills. Best moment: Alfred going after the Predator with a Wayne family heirloom…the trusty blunderbuss.