6 Comics You Need To Read Before Marvel's Secret Empire

Discover how Captain America Became Hydra.

Marvel Comics

Marvel's latest event, Secret Empire, has begun and is off to a strong - if somewhat controversial - start. The big news, of course, is that Captain America has been revealed to be the Supreme Leader of HYDRA and is currently the director of SHIELD, sending outraged fans scurrying to criticise the betrayal of the character.

Remarkably, this isn't an alternate reality story or some kind of fake out, but the current status quo of the Marvel universe. And it isn't throw-away either: this story has been building for years, but only really started to pick up momentum towards the beginning of 2016. In fact, the arc of Captain America being revealed as HYDRA's leader is only one part of this story as it spans the entire Marvel universe.

In order to fully understand the scope of Secret Empire and how the Marvel universe has been taken over by Hydra, there are a few comic series that should be read. The road to get to this story has been long, and as Marvel appears to be giving an epic conclusion to readers, it's worth revisiting the most important steps that brought us here...


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