8 DC Characters Shamelessly Ripped-Off From Marvel

When it comes to borrowing ideas, the Big Two are just as bad as each other...

Marvel Comics/DC Comics

Although Marvel pretty much have DC beat when it comes to shameless rip-offs, the House of Ideas' biggest rival aren't exactly immune to criticism either.

A veritable troff of DC characters boast a whole bunch of similarities with their Marvel counterparts, and while DC aren't as bad in this respect (to speak nothing of the fact that there have, in all seriousness, been good Marvel rip-offs over the years), there are still a few noteworthy DC characters to have emerged from some dubious creative processes, to say the least.

Villains, heroes and more have all taken inspiration from across the comics aisle, borrowing everything from powers, personality traits, looks and more to level the playing field when it comes to the 'who ripped off who' game, and therein lies the rub.

Neither company has a leg to stand on in this instance as, wherever you look, the similarities are blatant, and while plenty of these 'copies' have largely gone on to define themselves over the years, there's no getting away from those comparisons.

Marvel may get a bad rap for their rip-offs, but if you look closely - or just at all - DC are just as culpable.

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