8 Exciting Upcoming Comic Book Movies You Need To Know About (That Aren’t Marvel Or DC)

7. Shadowman

Valiant Comics

The Comic: Valiant's Shadowman made his debut in 1992, written by Jim Shooter and Steve Englehart. He's actually one of the most popular non-Marvel/DC characters out there, and has sold millions and millions of copies to date.

Shadowman is Jack Boniface, a jazz musician who wakes up one morning with a strange mark on his neck, and later discovers he possesses powers like increased strength, agility and speed. Oh, and he can also glide, and he has night vision. Talk about OP.

The Movie: In 2017, Reginald Hudlin (producer of Django Unchained) was hired to write and direct Shadowman, with the aforementioned Straczynski onboard as an executive producer. Earlier this year, Valiant reaffirmed the movie was still on the docket, so it's likely that Shadowman is quietly chugging along behind-the-scenes.

This could be a dark, modestly-budgeted adaptation in the vein of Warner Bros.' upcoming Joker standalone (or Logan), so hopefully all goes smoothly and we see it within the next couple of years.


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