8 Incredible Alternate Versions Of The Justice League

8. Justice League Of Assassins

DC Comics

What do you get when you mix DC’s most elite group of trained killers with their most famous costumed heroes? You get the bodacious and gritty Justice League of Assassins, who made their bold, albeit short, debut in Superman #15 back in 2016. In the issue, Superman and all of his alternate versions are targeted by a multidimensional being named Prophecy, who hopes to harness the abilities of all Supermen in the Multiverse. Prophecy, sensing a bigger threat than he can handle, sends his minions to various earths to capture their version of Superman.

Their search leads them to Earth 14, where they find a mask-wearing Superman, corn-rowed Wonder Woman, mohawk-sporting Aquaman, a Batman who uses guns, a Flash that uses his speedforce to create weapons, and a Harley Quinn complete with Day of the Dead inspired face paint.

In an effort to defend against the terrible threat, the Justice League of Assassins wage war on Prophecy's henchmen and manage to destroy them. Their moment of peace was short lived however, as Prophecy himself appears on Earth 14, killing the entire Justice League of Assassins and stealing their powers for his personal gain.


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