8 Incredible Alternate Versions Of The Justice League

2. New Reichsmen

DC Comics

What if Superman didn’t stand for truth, justice, and the American way? On Earth 10, as explained in DC’s The Multiversity, Superman, or Overman in this case, stands as the leader of The New Reichsmen, a version of the Justice League that serves tyrannical dictator Adolf Hitler. Yes, the Justice League of Earth 10 were Nazis.

After Overman, aka “The Man of Iron”, is brought to the dictator as a child, Adolf uses the Kryptonian as leverage in the Second World War. With a new tool in this war, Hitler and the Nazi’s defeated America on April 20th 1956, proving their new found dominance and influence on the world.

As champion of Germania, and leader of The New Reichsmen, Overman is accompanied by Brunhilde (Earth 10’s Wonder Woman), Leatherwing (Batman), Blitzen (The Flash), Martian(Martian Manhunter) and Underwaterman(Aquaman). Overgirl(Supergirl) was also a member of The New Reichsmen, but was killed in battle.

They stand together in favor of Hitler's pursuit of world united under his control. The team is ultimately defeated by the heroic Freedom Fighter’s led by Uncle Sam, who manages to destroy their orbiting satellite/headquarters, The Eagle’s Nest, sending it crashing to Metropolis, killing all those in its path.


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