8 Incredible Alternate Versions Of The Justice League

1. The Crime Syndicate

DC Comics

There is no team in history that is more of the antithesis of what the Justice League stands for like The Crime Syndicate. Almost opposite in every way, The Crime Syndicate hails from Earth 3, where they are the premiere super villain team.

Their group of baddies is led by Ultraman, who can increase his powers by ingesting kryptonite. Superwoman, the Wonder Woman of that Earth, uses her lasso of submission to subdue her enemies, while Power Ring, Earth 3’s version of Green Lantern, is constantly second guessing his choices due to his weak will. Owl Man watches over Gotham City, while Sea King holds dominion over the oceans. They even have their own speedster named Johnny Quick, and an alternate version of Cyborg who is all-robot, named Grid.

In the story arc Forever Evil, the Crime Syndicate manages to flee Earth 3 after their world begins to crumble. When they arrive on Earth 0, they trap the Justice League inside of Firestorm and begin a reign of terror the likes of which has never been seen.

With mass mayhem at every turn, all hope is thought to be lost before some unlikely heroes arrive, and destroy The Crime Syndicate once and for all.

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