8 Reasons Why Secret Empire Didn't Work

Secret Empire may be over, but why did it fall apart so quickly?

Marvel Comics

Secret Empire, Marvel's big summer event by Nick Spencer and a cavalcade of artists, told the story of Captain America - Steve Rogers - having been revealed as a secret Hydra agent, who (unbeknownst to us all) had been planting the seeds to start a full-scale fascist regime in the land of the free since the end of WW II.

In the process, he killed friends, endangered others, and started everything from book burning, re-education centres and even internment camps for Inhumans.

Yet through all of it, Marvel and Spencer himself tried to argue that Hydra were not Nazis, that this was the real Captain America, and urged fans and readers who were vocally offended and outraged by the story to give it a chance and wait until the end.

Well, the story is now over, and ultimately, it did not work. The story was a mess, with little in the way of a through line, and had an ending that left many feeling lied to, hurt or just outright bored.

There are many reasons for why people didn't like it, just as there are those that did, but here's a few of those reasons for why Secret Empire ultimately failed as a Marvel comics event.


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