8 Scenes We Definitely Won't See In James Wan's Aquaman

8. Anything From The Super Friends


Aquaman's long-standing image problem can be traced back to his days on Saturday morning television as a member of the Super Friends, a show which saw Hanna-Barbera give DC superheroes the Scooby-Doo treatment.

The youngsters seemed to dig it, but few Justice Leaguers came away from these campy, family-friendly adventures unscathed and Arthur Curry got the rawest deal of them all, depicted as a liability to the team and the butt of a thousand jokes.

The show treated Aquaman as a character who brought nothing to the table beyond the ability to talk to fish and dodgy catchphrases like "Great Neptune" and "By the beard of Poseidon", and this was the character's only media exposure at the time.

Batman, Robin and Superman were handled in a similarly goofy way, but the audience knew them well from other mediums and it wasn't long until the latter was redefined on the big screen in 1978's Superman: The Movie.

Aquaman is still shaking the reputation the Super Friends gave him, so it's safe to assume no scenes or elements from the cartoon will creep into James Wan's movie.

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