8 Times The Marvel Vs. DC Rivalry Turned Ugly

Fighting dirty in the battle for superhero supremacy.


Marvel is like Coca-Cola and DC is Pepsi. Most consumers prefer one or the other and the brands have been locked in a two-way battle for market dominance for as long as anyone can remember. For the most part, their rivalry has been friendly and professional, with each camp acknowledging that healthy competition is a good thing.

Today, in an age where the comic book giants' characters inhabit cinematic universes and hit TV shows, the battle for superhero supremacy has taken on a new level of prevalence, yet it remains largely amicable on both sides of the fence.

It was only recently that Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige downplayed the rivalry's very existence, pointing out that successful DC movies only strengthen the superhero genre as a whole. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has expressed similar sentiments, as has DC's chief creative officer Geoff Johns.

But like most great rivalries, Marvel versus DC hasn't always been underpinned by mutual respect. There are times when it has turned downright ugly, shots were fired in each direction and both sides resorted to dirty tactics to stick it to their competitors.


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