8 Underrated DC Superheroes Who Desperately Deserve The Netflix Treatment

Surely DC can do better than the CW?

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Poor old DC have had it pretty rough these past four years. Not content with dominating the box office and winning the hearts and minds of both critics and audiences alike, Marvel have taken it upon themselves to cement their cinematic capital with a spate of brilliant Netflix series, buoyed by a flawed, if not commendable presence on ABC. Their onscreen dominance, so it would seem, is pretty definitive.

That's not to say that DC haven't made significant moves into Marvel's territory, however. Indeed, there are plenty of shows on the CW that have garnered both critical and commercial accolades, with the likes of Arrow and The Flash both finding regular airtime and plaudits for their respective takes on the DC Universe. It'd be a big fat lie, however, to argue that they hold a candle to the Netflix stuff. The quality - nor the budget - just isn't there.

It's a massive shame, especially since DC have so many characters in their library that could easily find a home on the streaming service, given the opportunity. It'll never happen, sadly, seeing as how Marvel have that deal going on with them and all, but what's to stop Amazon from dabbling in the super-pond? They're doing it with Preacher at the mo', and, even then, all these shows need is a 'Netflix feel'; no one said the streaming service had to be the destination.

All DC really need is a home willing to back their universe with the financial weight it deserves. That and some more talent on the showrunning side of things.

But who should lead DC's charge for a better smallscreen home? There are plenty of underrated characters in the publisher's library who would fit the bill, and, DCEU bound or not, it's clear that the interest is there.

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