8 Worst Things Daredevil Has Ever Done

8. He Got Possessed By An Evil Spirit And Took Over The Hand

Daredevil Shadowland Ghost Rider
Marvel Comics

Although Daredevil has fostered a reputation for storytelling excellence throughout his history, with the likes of Frank Miller, Ann Nocenti, Brian Bendis and Ed Brubaker all having left their own marks on the character in their own way, there have been a few occasions where things have taken a turn for the worse.

One such turn came during Andy Diggle's stint on the character, and while the writer has countless classics to his name - including the brilliant Green Arrow: Year One - his run on Daredevil just wasn't meant to be. Its most problematic elements are exemplified by a short-lived crossover event called Shadowland, which involved the street-level heroes of New York uniting to take down an evil Matt Murdock possessed by an ancient spirit of The Hand.

So, both literally and figuratively, this was one of Daredevil's lowest moments. He killed Bullseye, drained Ghost Rider of his Hell-Fire and, well, pretty much terrorised New York for the majority of his time as leader of The Hand.

Matters were exacerbated further by Elektra's initial unwillingness to try and bring the old Matt back, but she did come through in the end, resurrecting the one-time Devil when it looked as though he was gone for good.

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