9 Times Batman Was Forced To Surrender His Cowl

Even Bruce Wayne needs a break sometimes.


Bruce Wayne's dedication to the role of Gotham City's watchful guardian is almost superhuman, but even Batman needs a rest sometimes.

Although the billionaire playboy is by far the most recognisable version of the Caped Crusader, there are times when circumstances have prevented him from carrying out his vigilante duties in the world of comics, animation and film.

During the Dark Knight's darkest hours, others have taken up the cowl, from original Robin Dick Grayson to the overzealous Jean-Paul Valley, now known as Azrael.

While these experiments have yielded mixed fortunes, the fact others have taken on the mantle to save the day drives home the point that Batman is more than man.

Master Wayne created a symbol when he channeled his childhood trauma into a concept that could save Gotham from the evil plaguing its streets, and it is this very idea that makes the character one of the most timeless creations in pop culture history.

Here are nine times Batman was forced to relinquish his cape and cowl, and in some cases called upon others to take up the cause in his absence.

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