A Fresh Start: Marvel Comics Rebooting AGAIN?

"You're joking - not another one!"

Marvel Comics

Just when it looked as though Marvel had satiated their appetite for relaunches and reboots, in comes 'A Fresh Start', a banner launched today that promises 'new creative teams', 'new series', 'new directions' and 'new beginnings'.

Is it a reboot? Not quite, but it is definitely a revamp. Marvel Editor in Chief C. B. Cebulski compared it to Marvel NOW! in terms of scale, and while several more relaunches/revamps/we're-not-entirely-sure-what-these-things-are-even-more have come along since the 2012 event, it is true that it, along with All-New, All-Different Marvel, galvanised interest in the House of Ideas' comics for a certain period of time.

Marvel Legacy, the latest in this long line of relaunches, hasn't been as successful, and while the details behind 'A Fresh Start' are few and far between in this current moment, there's nothing so far that sets it apart from its predecessors. If anything, the promise of bringing something 'new' actually feels emblematic of Marvel's strategy this last decade, with each relaunch begetting another in its stead. The only difference, in this case, is that it's come so soon - a meagre seven months after Legacy's August debut.

But hey, the 'Make Mine Marvel' tagline is back. It's a fitting tagline for a relaunch attempting to reclaim Marvel's wayward readers, but - in any case - the publisher have a lot of making up to do. 2017 was most definitely not their year, and if focusing on their more mainstream properties coincides with a resurgent period for the company, then more power to them.

Were Marvel really in need of 'A Fresh Start'? Or is this a relaunch too many? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and, while you do, set your turbines to speed and check out WhatCulture Comics on YouTube!

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