Avengers: Endgame - Everything You Need To Know About Black Knight

He's rumoured to make his debut in Avengers: Endgame, but just who is Dane Whitman?

Unsubstantiated rumours and the MCU go together like Infinity Gauntlets and shiny rock gems, judging from the amount we seem to get every other month. Most should be taken with a big ol' pinch of salt, but some - such as these new reports surrounding the character of Black Knight - may actually hold a shred of truth.

The character has been rumoured to be a part of the Endgame roster since the tail-end of December, but that's likely to mean very little for MCU fans, who probably greeted the news with the same confusion Korath the Pursuer did when Peter Quill was proclaiming himself to be a 'legendary outlaw'.

Guardians of the Galaxy Korath
Marvel Studios

However, there is some good news. Black Knight is actually a pretty interesting Marvel Character and his possible inclusion in Endgame should give plenty of cause for fans to be excited.

Granted that might be difficult, given the relative obscurity of the hero himself, but with evidence now potentially lending weight to rumours that he is to appear in the MCU, it makes sense to get to grips with the character, his history, and just why exactly True Believers should anticipate his arrival...

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