Avengers: Infinity War - Does Thanos' New Comic Suggest Hela Is Involved?

Who needs Death, anyway?

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Here's an interesting development. When it was revealed that Marvel would be doing the Infinity Arc for their third and fourth Avengers movies, it was widely wondered how the studio would get around the fact that Death plays such a key role in the story. Even with Doctor Strange coming and lots more supernatural/cosmic branches opening up in the MCU, having the living personification of mortality as a character always looked to be something of a stretch, to say the least.

But then Thor: Ragnarok offered a solution in the form of Cate Blanchett's Hela. Since the Asgardian movies have an established logic around their Gods, it would be easy to simply appropriate their Death figure and have Thanos fall in love with her instead.

And now, it seems that art is mimicking speculation, as the comic book iteration of Thanos has a new girlfriend - and wouldn't you know it, it's only Hela herself.

In a convoluted plot that has seen Thor on a quest to recover the Ultimate Universe's Mjolnir (since Jane Foster has his), Thanos sent three of his envoys to get there first - which inevitably turned out badly for them. As a bloody climax to that plot, one of the envoys (who turned out to be Hela in disguise) killed the other two, and then made out with Thanos, because there's no more successful type of foreplay than bloody vengeance.

This is in no way a confirmation of how Avengers: Infinity War, but it is a timely suggestion all the same, as well as being an excellent solution to the problem of death in the movie.

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