As one of DC Comic’s finest superheroes, the Batman has also proven to be one of the most controversial. Throughout his run in comics, the Dark Knight has been surrounded with controversy during key moments. Fortunately most – if not all – of those cursed moments from the comics have made it onto the big screen, as Hollywood still knows when to draw the line, though some of the Batman films are guilty of their own controversies (who can forget the Bat credit card, for one?).

But for the sake of imagination, let’s explore ten moments from the Batman comics that may be deemed too controversial for films.



10. Swastikas In A Batman Film


Tackling racism in comics has always been a challenge for DC, especially when it’s thrown at the Batman for shock value, but the most controversial take is found in Frank Miller’s All-Star Batman & Robin, where the dynamic duo’s arch nemesis The Joker enlists a new female henchman who took a rather sexy style to it. Bruno was a half naked Neo-Nazi villain who wore only red Swastikas to obscure her exposed, giant boobs. For capitalizing on prejudice, it doesn’t get more shocking than that.

Fortunately, Neo-Nazism or any other racial supremacy materials haven’t made it into a Batman flick. Hollywood just wouldn’t do that for some reason, and given all the time they’ve had to, it’s pretty obvious they’re never going to. Thankfully.

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This article was first posted on March 8, 2013