Batman: Ranking Every Comic Batsuit Worst To Best

The Dark Knight's closet is full of incredible costumes, but which are the best?

DC Comics

If there's one thing Batman is known for, it's his impressive arsenal of tools, vehicles, and most importantly, costumes. After all, the guy has no superpowers and yet is able to stand alongside the likes of Wonder Woman and Superman. That kind of firepower needs more than your run-of-the-mill everyday spandex suit, which is why Batman has sported some truly impressive threads over the years.

Since his debut in 1938, hundreds of artists and writers have had the opportunity to put their own personal spin on the character. This often came in the form of a costume update, but not all of Batman's changes have been cosmetic.

Often, the Caped Crusader will adopt a new style to suit a more powerful enemy, disrupt a particular form of electromagnetic communication, or to counter a specific threat. Whatever his need, the man has the means and the wherewithal to fill his closet with new and innovative costumes.

Seeing as he has worn so many different types of costumes across multiple forms of media, this list will focus on his different threads from the comics alone. While many of these have made the jump to the big screen and in animation, they all graced the pages of comics at one time or another. He's worn more than 28 variations over the years, but these are the very best.

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