Blue Lantern Corps: 9 Non-DC Characters Who Could Wield The Blue Ring Of Hope

1. Captain America (Marvel Comics)

the many faces of captain america Captain America would be an ideal candidate to wield the blue light of hope and become a member of the Blue Lantern Corps. As America€™s World War II super-soldier, Captain America was a symbol of freedom and hope in the fight against the Nazis. I can€™t think of a better example from the whole of fiction to wield a Blue Lantern ring, let alone from Marvel. With his fantastic leadership skills, tactical proficiency and ability in the field of battle, Captain America would make a fine Blue Lantern and it would be great to see him wielding some real power to compliment his bravery and skills as a fighter, rather than merely operating at the peak of human potential. The fact that his costume is predominantly blue already just makes it all the more fitting.

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