Captain Marvel #1 (2019) Review

Carol Danvers returns to Earth in this new series, but how does it stack up?

Marvel Comics

Captain Marvel has had a rough time as a character in the comics over the last couple years. Ever since Civil War II, readers had cooled on the once red hot character. With The Life of Captain Marvel miniseries reigniting that passion, and the full hype of an MCU movie releasing in March 2019, a new ongoing series was sorely needed. Luckily, Kelly Thompson knew just how to execute it!

To start, this is a uniquely reflective piece, using Carol's supporting characters to establish where she is currently in her new life back on Earth, as well as the plot threads of her previous titles to really make this feel like a proper continuation instead of starting anew. The twist at the end also proves that, rather than just being good means of expository dialogue, it gives us who Carol is without needing to spell it out.

The sheer joy that Kelly Thompson brings into the issue is palpable, be it friends talking, a meeting about marketing Captain Marvel, a romantic dinner or even when a 7-foot-tall Russian pimp in a really nice jacket attacks - it flows so well, and will keep the audience smirking throughout.

Captain Marvel 2019 Carol Rhodey
Marvel Comics

Carmen Carnero on art and Tamra Bonvillain on colors create an energetic look on the page. The kinetic feeling of the artwork is spectacular, and it makes everything stand out in one way or another - even during dialogue. By the time it gets to the action, the fact everything looks so great is completely unsurprising.

As a new chapter for a character that hit some bumps over the last few years, Captain Marvel #1 is a definite five star book, and serves as a perfect jumping on point for those looking forward to the character's big screen debut come March.

Captain Marvel 2019 #1 Star Rating
Marvel Comics

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