Captain Marvel: 10 Biggest Changes From The Comics

The MCU continues to be very loose with its adaptations, and it keeps working.

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios' take on Captain Marvel has remained true to the formula that the MCU has established. Like Civil War, Ragnarok, Age Of Ultron and every other major storyline they've adatped, it is no more than a very loose adaptation of the source material that leads to audiences.

And when the reactions are as good as they've been almost universally across the board for the MCU so far, why would they mess with that formula?

With that in mind, us expecting to see a pure adaptation of any Captain Marvel comic was probably foolish from the very start. And now the film is out, there are some seriously significant changes made to the comics ranging from the small details like changing Chewie's name to Goose right up to major character and story changes...

10. Star Force


While the Star Force of the comics and the one in the movie acted in pretty much the same capacity – that being an elite group of Kree warriors, there are a few notable differences between the two versions.

For a start, the group lacks the presence of any version of Captain Marvel or Yon-Rogg, making them a far more minor team in the comics.

The presentation of the roster is also far more fitting with its medium, due to how the characters on the roster sport unique, colourful costumes instead of the uniformed attire of the movie, with Dr. Minerva wearing an outfit similar to Danvers’ original Ms. Marvel costume and Atlas wearing the exact same costume that Mar-Vell wore in his MU debut.

Keeping with this far wackier theme, the group were also depicted as out and out villains, instead of the morally ambiguous soldiers of the MCU. For example, their main appearance as a team saw them battle the Avengers as Earth’s mightiest heroes attempt to broker peace between the Shi’ar and Kree, and following this Dr. Minerva has been a recurring antagonist of the Captain.


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