Chew #32 Review – John Layman and Rob Guillory

Tony is in mourning for his sister Toni and throws himself – and a grenade! – into his work to…

Noel Thorne


Chew32Tony is in mourning for his sister Toni and throws himself – and a grenade! – into his work to take down a hostage situation at a chicken restaurant by the Divinity of the Immaculate Ova who have declared holy war against any eaters of chicken. Meanwhile Colby and Cesar go to lunch where Colby discovers Cesar’s secret contact.

I don’t think John Layman and Rob Guillory can put out a bad Chew comic. Every issue is sheer delight to consume from the involving plot to the great characters and witty dialogue to the creme de la creme that is Guillory’s unique art.

Layman’s inventiveness in crafting new food powers continues in this issue with the introduction of a torta-espadero, a person who can cut tortillas into sharp and stabby things like shurikens. Old favourites like D-Bear crop up as does Poyo in a brilliant single panel that shows him fighting a Molasses Monster (akin to the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters).

Then there are the little details that I love this series for. Tony finally stands up to Applebee which was brilliant and funny and then sets up a dinner date with his daughter Olive. Simple, small things but delightful nonetheless – fans (and you must be one if you’re reading this – if not, why aren’t you?!) will know what I mean.

Layman informs us in an afterword that, sadly, the proposed Chew TV Show won’t be going ahead – god knows what those dull tv execs think will be better – but hey, we still have the comics. And, like the 31 previous issues, #32 is awesome. Gourmet comics at its finest.

Chew #32 by John Layman and Rob Guillory is out now at your local comics shop and online at Comixology