Comic Con 2018: 10 Biggest Rumours‏

In the absence of Marvel, DC prevails...

Warner Bros.

Though fans could be forgiven for thinking that SDCC 2018 is setting up for something of a disappointment, with neither Marvel Studios nor LucasFilm opting to grace the convention floor, this year's Comic Con will still pack its fair share of surprises. Warner Bros., DC Comics and more will all be leading the way with a bevy of trailers, announcements and panels - some considerably more significant than others.

Kicking off this Thursday, July 19, fans of film, TV, video games and of course comics will get to see a whole host of new surprises, and while the likes of Warner Bros., Sony and more can all do their best to ensure their surprises remain just that - surprises - rumours surrounding what we could see at the convention have hotted up considerably in recent weeks.

Everything from surprise stage entrances to brand new films being announced have done the rounds online, and though pop-culture’s premier event has placed less of an onus on its namesake in recent years, exciting reveals for both DC and Marvel Comics have been promised too.

Marvel Studios’ absence might be hard to stomach, but with so much still there already, this Comic Con still has a chance of making a big impression.

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