Book: Batman #2

Written By: Scott Snyder

Pencils By: Greg Capullo

Publisher: DC Comics

Price: $2.99

Pages: 32


There is only so much praise I can give this series before I sound like a broken record. We’re two issues into this book and my god it’s without a doubt one of my favorite DC books on the stands right now. Writer Scott Snyder and Artist Greg Capullo are bringing so many things to the table that scream iconic Batman it simply astonishes me. Bruce is only seen in the Bat suit for six pages during this issue and I couldn’t care less. The story is so well written that they could rename it “The Bruce Wayne Power Hour” and it would still be the top book on my reading list every month.

As much as I miss Detective Comics artist Jock working alongside Snyder on this book, Capullo has earned his spot on the flagship Batman book over these last two issues when you see the sheer level of quality he is bringing to the table. Capullo draws the city’s architecture (I’m looking at you Wayne Tower!) with a grittier style he is better known for throughout the issue while giving the characters of this world an almost cartoony Batman The Animated Series vibe. This mash may sound odd on paper but something about it just works, characters are expressive and vibrant while keeping hold of that classic gothic Batman tone. Capullo’s panel work should also be noted in this issue, moments throughout feel very cinematic and one of my favorite visual moments comes during the autopsy scene with Batman & Commissioner Gordon. I cannot wait to see what Capullo brings to the book next issue.

Once again Snyder has carefully placed the overarching plot of the History of Gotham center stage throughout this issue. Snyder’s description of Wayne Tower is do detailed and rich with history I find myself caring more and more about the architecture of Gotham City and the hidden history found under it’s groundwork with every passing page.

The issues climax was the true highlight for me; Bruce is so confident with his surroundings he no longer even flinches when staring Death square in the face. This confidence is blinding him from the hidden truth buried under Gotham, a truth we know that is soon to be unleashed, which will tear Bruce’s confidence in “his” city and it’s legacy to shreds.

Batman continues to be an extremely consistent read for hardcore and casual fans alike, I urge you to pick this up in your local comic shop or via digital download as soon as possible. If you have ever loved Batman, this is the book for you.

Rating: ★★★★½

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This article was first posted on October 19, 2011