DC Quiz: Can You Name That Batman Beyond Villain?

You Know Gotham's Old School of Crime, But How Well Do You Know It's New School?

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Some people would argue that the best thing about Batman is the bad guys. From the Joker to Mr. Freeze, the Dark Knight of Gotham has no shortage of individuals that excel in the world of villainy.

This trend of establishing unique and innovative evildoers continued well into the future of the fictional crime-ridden metropolis. Even after Bruce Wayne put down the cowl, new and improved villains kept coming out of the woodwork. The future brings all kinds of new technology along with all kinds of twisted ways for criminals to use it to their advantage.

Batman Beyond introduced a slew of new dirtbags for Terry McGinnis to wipe the floor with back when animation still ruled after school. The dark, gritty cyberpunk future showcased a fresh take of the wrong side of the law and introduced audiences to an impressive new rogues gallery.

Most fans can pick out the original Batman baddies out of a lineup with no problem. And given how crazy the future is for evil, it should be the same for Beyond's threatening individuals. Can you identify best of the best on Batman Beyond's most wanted list?

Answers at the end!

1. Can You Name That Batman Beyond Villain?

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