Deadpool #10 Review - Brian Posehn And Gerry Duggan

deadpool10 Deadpool continues his merrily chaotic journey to kill off people who sold their souls to the demon Vetis for superpowers, while figuring out how to get a dead agent of SHIELD, Preston, out of his head and into her own body. As you might guess from the cover, this is the €œInferior€ Deadpool disastrously teaming up with the Superior Spider-man (Doc Ock€™s mind in Spider-man€™s body) and fighting Spidey€™s rogues gallery. And it is a hoot and a half! We check in with Michael who€™s now in Hell thanks to Deadpool, and Mike Hawthorne€™s depiction of hell as being a never-ending queue in a blandly sterile, office-like environment with fluorescent lighting is spot on - that truly is Hell. It€™s not your classical fire and brimstone hell but a 21st century hell that many will find themselves shivering at - is there anything worse than queuing? Well lots of things obviously, but none are more infuriating. Deadpool #10 is evidence, like every other comic in this series, that Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan are having enormous fun with Deadpool and it translates to the reader as being enormous fun to read. One of the many satirical targets in this story is Daniel Gump, an obnoxious billionaire with dodgy hair who looks a lot like Donald Trump, but the most enjoyable figures of fun in this comic are Spidey and his rogues. Deadpool doesn€™t know Doc Ock is Spidey and starts making fun of him calling Doc Ock €œElton John on stilts€, while the Vulture is €œLarry David bitten by a radioactive parakeet€ and Batroc the Leaper, who recently made headlines by being included in the Captain America movie sequel, The Winter Soldier, doesn€™t even warrant mentioning - he shows up €œleaping€ and spouting French-isms and is immediately taken out by Deadpool. The comic gleefully mocks Spidey€™s other rogues who show up to defend Gump - Chance, Paste Pot Pete/Trapster, Taskmaster, and Lady Stilt Man. The names alone are amazing. A lot of these obscure characters date back to the Silver Age of comics and, like the superlative Deadpool #7 which riffed on €˜80s Marvel Comics, this one celebrates and laughs at the silliness that Marvel published in its heyday. There isn€™t another comic out there that€™s both criticising superhero comics while being one - and it€™s fantastic that it€™s also a Marvel book. For the references alone, older comics fans must be loving this series even more than younger readers who€™re just enjoying the wackiness and humour - what other Marvel character gets away with dialogue like €œI€™m going to eject our poo - make us lighter€ (as Deadpool plummets off of a skyscraper)? Posehn and Duggan€™s triumphant Deadpool series continues to be hugely enjoyable and #10 is another homerun comic for this awesome creative team. If you love Marvel comics but can also laugh at them, Deadpool is a must-read for you. Great stuff - the only thing that would make it better would be if Deadpool killed the plot in the next issue. That would be a pretty Deadpool thing to do! Deadpool #10 by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Mike Hawthorne is out now at your local comics shop and online at Comixology and Marvel Unlimited
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