Deadshot Issue #1 Review

Deadshot Having read quite a few of this month's one-off DC villain issues, I have to say this is definitely one of the better ones so far. The story is an origin tale of the world's second deadliest assassin, explaining how he gained such perfect skills and what drives him to be the person he is, along with giving the set up for Suicide Squad issue #24, which is due out next month. I was pleasantly surprised by how moving the issue is, as I was expecting a much duller, two-dimensional portrayal of the character, as Deadshot never seemed to be particularly interesting to me before this point. Unlike the Poison Ivy issue, Deadshot #1 gives a tale of tragedy that genuinely explains how he developed into the character we recognise, while Ivy's issue, although good, had an origin story a bit underdeveloped and disappointingly similar to the Riddler's in Batman Forever. Although it does tie-into the Suicide Squad series you by no means need to have read what came before to understand what happens here, with the team only getting a brief mention and then resurfacing again when Amanda Waller turns up (kind of) at the end. Incidentally, the next issue of Suicide Squad is the start of a new writer's run on the series, so it's an ideal time for those of you yet to get involved in the title to pick up a copy. While there a still a lot of one-shots yet to be released, we have to say Deadshot's is certainly the best issue of villain month week one (excluding the Forever Evil title), so if you don't want to buy them all like I did then this should certainly be one of your top priorities. Are you excited about any of the one off issues of villain month? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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