Edison Rex and Monkeybrain Comics

What if Lex Luthor finally defeated Superman?

Samuel Moon


What if Lex Luthor finally defeated Superman? That is the premise of the latest comic from Chris Roberson (Superman/iZombie) entitled Edison Rex. Of course, he is not writing an Elseworlds tale for DC Comics so he has to change the names and character designs, but it is obvious that this is what Roberson is going for.

Edison Rex is the world’s smartest man and a hero to many. That is, until the superhero Valiant comes on the scene and steals his spotlight. From then on, Rex launches a war on the world’s greatest hero to prove once and for all that Valiant is actually a threat to mankind. The first issue has Valiant arriving at Rex’s secret headquarters to take him to prison. But Rex is able to give Valiant information about his origins.  And after realizing that Rex was right about him all this time, he “retires”, but not before leaving Earth’s safety in the hands of Edison Rex.

The book is well-written and has some gorgeous artwork by Dennis Culver and Stephen Downer. It is a great book that had me hooked almost immediately. The second issue is available now and it is just as good as the first and sets up a bigger overall story arc that I am excited to read. It is one of the titles being offered by digital publisher Monkeybrain Comics for just $0.99! Monkeybrain has several creator-owned comics ranging from the $0.99 price point to $1.99 from such creators as Kevin Church, Colleen Coover and Kurt Busiek. For $0.99, what have you got to lose?