Gotham Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Remember Jerome Valeska?

Will this quiz put a smile on your face?


Gotham has seen plenty of colourful characters come and go over the years. From Oswald Cobblepot to Edward Nygma, the hit Fox series certainly hasn't had a shortage of iconic Batman villains, but the greatest on offer was undoubtedly the devilish Jerome Valeska.

The Joker-Inspired fiend caused countless disasters and serious problems for the citizens of the eponymous city, which provided for plenty of entertaining scenes. Although Jerome met a grisly end - twice - the character will always be remembered fondly as one of Gotham's finest creations.

With Gotham's end in sight, why not try your luck and see how well you really remember Jerome?

1. What Was Jerome's Mother Called?


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