Gotham Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The First Half Of Season 5?

The end is in sight... but how closely have you been watching thus far?


Gotham returned to our screens last month for its final season, and it hasn't disappointed us yet. With unpredictable twists and turns at every corner, and more action than you'd think possible, it's safe to say that the Fox series is on a bit of a roll.

With the show preparing to wrap things up once and for all, it's more than likely that we'll be seeing more Batman villains pop up in the future. We also know that the Caped Crusader himself will be making an appearance in the final episode - to save the city from all the crazed antagonists that have been allowed to run wild.

Before all that, however - as the series on a bit of a hiatus - let's test your knowledge on the first half of the final season, to find out how closely you were really watching.

1. How Many Days Into No Man's Land Does Gordon Team Up With Oswald & Ed?


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