Guardians Of The Galaxy: Has Hela Managed To Resurrect Thanos?

Donny Cates' Guardians series just gets better and better.

Guardians of the Galaxy 5
Marvel Comics/David Marquez

Donny Cates and Geoffrey Shaw's Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the most exciting books currently being published by Marvel, and its fifth issue may have been the latest volume's best yet.

For the past five issues, Hela and the Black Order have been trying to resurrect the Mad Titan Thanos. The Dark Guardians, assembled by Gladiator (and featuring Cosmic Ghost Rider), they're on a mission to kill Gamora believing that she's the vessel that Thanos will return in. Meanwhile the regular Guardians, comprised of Groot, Star-Lord, Moondragon, Phyla-Vell and Beta Ray Bill, have been trying to protect her.

Issue four ended with Star-Lord seemingly taking a bullet intended for Gamora, but he emerges unscathed. The Dark Guardians were successful, however, capturing Gamora and taking her to Thanos' brother Eros, who enacted the plan to kill Thanos' daughter before the Mad Titan could return.

Utilising the assistance of Lockjaw, the Guardians race to try and find Gamora before she's killed. Unfortunately for the other Guardians, though, Hela crashes the party, mortally wounds Gladiator and takes control of Cosmic Ghost Rider. Then, in a devastating turn of events, it's revealed that Eros was Thanos' vessel all along.

Guardians of the Galaxy 5 Thanos
Marvel Comics/Geoffrey Shaw

That's right - Thanos is back. Continuing his love affair with death, the Mad Titan is brought back to life by Hela and given the opportunity to enter a new body not unlike his old one. The issue ends with the new body's eyes lighting up, intimating that Thanos really is back, and back to his absolute worst.

What this bodes for the Guardians going forward doesn't take much guessing, but it'll be interesting to see what happens next. Will Cosmic Ghost Rider reclaim his senses? What do Hela and Thanos have planned? Only time will tell, but at least the Guardians of Bill and Lockjaw together... right?

Guardians of the Galaxy Lockjaw
Marvel Comics/Geoffrey Shaw


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