HBO's Watchmen TV Show: Everything We Know So Far

It's only just begun.

HBO/DC Comics

To say that series creator Damon Lindelof is passionate about this new project would be an understatement. His famous Instagram post of last May serves as a love letter to fans on what incensed the conception of this upcoming HBO show.

Watchmen: The TV series, was not a decision taken lightly.

Largely due to the enigmatic nature of Watchmen writer, Alan Moore, the original Watchmen comic is considered sacred ground, and not something to be idly trifled with. But Lindelof, in his letter, proudly cited a loophole or two in this philosophy. Whilst not exactly receiving Alan Moore's blessing to go ahead with the series, Lindelof ultimately assures fans that the series will be a faithful and crucial addition to the classic Watchmen canon.

As one can expect in this stage of the game, current details are sparse, with only one major teaser to whet our appetites. But it does feature some clues as to what to expect. More secrets will be revealed leading up to the show's release this year, but here's what we know so far.

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