“How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You” by Matthew Inman is a devastating expose on the shocking secret that felines across the world are planning a mass takeover of the planet! Why President Obama or none of the other world leaders have not been talking about this is a mystery especially as cats seem well placed to enact their global attack at a moment’s notice – hell, there’s even one of them in my house! (It’s ok, I’m typing this in the other room, and – I think – he’s asleep. If you’re reading this then I made it long enough to post this and will hopefully survive the inevitable Human/Cat war).

Well, now I think about it, it might also be a book of comedic web-comics about cats. I mean, the author does call himself “The Oatmeal”. If so, then that changes everything. This is no longer a terrifying glimpse into a dystopian future like the Planet of the Cats and more a cheerful and often-times hilarious collection of witty and clever comics featuring overweight humans and overweight animals.

The book is mostly a collection of cartoon guides such as “6 Ways To Tell If Your Cat Thinks Its a Mountain Lion”, a guide I loved especially as my cat has been displaying no. 6 “Being Overly Vocal – your cat thinks these are terrifying roars of awesomeness”. Also the title guide where one of the points is if your cat dashes about madly for no reason, it is because their ambush failed!


There are some comic strips included which are brilliant like “The Bobcats” who are a pair of talkative cats in an office who’re just awful to everyone. After locking everyone into an elevator with them and farting excessively (“the gas chamber”), one of them has a hot sauce drinking contest and runs about the office after necking four bottles and leaves puke stains everywhere.

The book is really fun especially if you’re a cat owner and it genuinely made me laugh many times throughout. I especially loved the description of petting the tummy of a kitty as “like frolicking in the back hair of an angel”! It’s cleverly observed, really funny, and attractively drawn, “How to Tell If Your Cat is Planning to Kill You” by Matthew Inman is delightful comics fun for all ages.

“How to Tell If Your Cat is Planning to Kill You” by Matthew Inman is out now in paperback and digital, and his website featuring new, free comics is

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This article was first posted on March 17, 2013