She-Hulk #3 Review

She Hulk Jen Walters is She-Hulk, part-time superhero and member of the Avengers and part-time lawyer, who's started her own practice with a deadpan paralegal called Angie and her monkey Hei Hei, with Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat, as her investigator. The only trouble is she doesn't have any clients! That is until Kristoff Vernard walks into her office seeking political asylum from his father, Doctor Doom, the dictator of Latveria and nemesis of the Fantastic Four. But US Immigration rules state that someone must apply for political asylum within one year of arrival - and today is the day that deadline expires! With Doombots after the pair, will Jen get her client's asylum approved in court - or will Doom triumph? As most readers probably already know, Charles Soule is some kind of super-efficient time manager who works two full-time jobs, writing seven monthly comic titles AND runs a law practice specialising in immigration. The two happily collide in She-Hulk where Soule is able to write Jen's lawyer scenes with convincing realism given their shared experience, especially in this instance where it's an immigration case, slipping in technical details like I-589 or EOIR-28 forms and a keen knowledge of due process. Soule also writes the superhero scenes with panache and flair, having Jen fly a Fantasticar to court before pitting Jen and Patsy against hordes of Doombots in front of the courtroom. Soule creates highly enjoyable scenes whether he's writing courtroom intrigue or colourful superhero action, displaying an admirable range and fertile imagination. The banter between the arrogant Kristoff and Jen is brilliant and funny too, Soule playing off of their socio-economic differences to good effect. Javier Pulido's art is similarly versatile and impressive utilising a variety of techniques from double-page length panels to alternating silhouette figures to portray dynamic dialogue scenes, exciting action sequences, and light comedy (like when a Doombot chauffeur loses its fake moustache and hijacks Kristoff's limo). Muntsa Vicente's bright colours bring the comic vividly to life and gives it a beautifully eye-catching quality. Fantasticar Soule/Pulido's She-Hulk is one of the best new Marvel NOW! titles being published at the moment and She-Hulk #3 is no exception in the high standard readers have been getting so far. Filled with wonderful writing and artwork, She-Hulk #3 is an exciting, clever and really fun issue from an outstanding creative team. Published by Marvel, She-Hulk #3 by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido is out now
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