Injustice 2: 10 Characters That Should've Been Included

Yo, NetherRealm. We have to talk about this Cheetah over Vixen business...

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Surprise surprise, turns out Injustice 2 is a heck of a lot of fun and, even better, a stark improvement over its predecessor. It's got a zany elseworlds-esque story and a combat system that, although difficult to learn, delivers some pretty spectacular online confrontations. It also happens to have a pretty underwhelming character roster, which is pretty annoying to say the least.

For a game that takes so many cues from the DC Animated Universe, you may find it surprising that, out of its 29 playable characters, almost a third are sourced from everyone's favourite Bat-fam. While this does make sense, given how - y'know - pretty much everyone, their aunt, and uncle loves the caped crusader, it is disappointing that NetherRealm once again opted for a selection of characters that are more Bat-tastic than fantastic.

Indeed, the title's predilection for all things Bat feels pretty lazy when you consider the sheer scale of the source material NetherRealm have to work with. On top of that, the inclusion of certain 'premier skins' fail to compensate for the absences of Vixen and John Stewart, the latter of which has, once again, been reduced to a costume despite the fact he's infinitely more popular than Hal Jordan - a character most audiences associate with tacky CG and a failed cinematic universe.

Injustice 2 is a great game. If it had a better roster, it could be even greater.

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