JLA Writer Reveals Justice Leagues’ Fate In Forever Evil

New writer of Justice League of America, Matt Kindt, has revealed the fate of the Justice Leagues in Forever Evil,…

Noel Thorne


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New writer of Justice League of America, Matt Kindt, has revealed the fate of the Justice Leagues in Forever Evil, in an interview with Newsarama.

Every reader of Forever Evil #1 was asking the same question – just what happened to the Justice Leagues at the end of Trinity War? Ultraman says in Forever Evil #1 that the Justice League are dead but we never see it and of course the Justice League – not to mention Justice League of America and Justice League Dark – is a bestselling title that DC are unlikely to end for an Event, so the tantalising question of what really happened to the Justice Leagues remains.

Matt Kindt, who begins his run on JLA in October with JLA #8, when asked if his first issue will address the Leagues’ fate, said:

Yeah, that’s right. I think you’ll find out a lot in the very first issue. Of course, I won’t tell you. But if you read the first issue, you’ll be able to see a lot of what’s happening. And there’s some tricky storytelling going on, so a lot of what you see is going to be weird.

But yeah, you’ll find all that out. And then at the end, I’m stripping down the Justice League to two characters, so it’s going to be Manhunter and Stargirl against the world.

Kindt’s 6-issue JLA run, which will lead up to Jeff Lemire’s Justice League of Canada early next year, will feature the reduced team of Martian Manhunter and Stargirl:

So basically, I wanted to strip it down and do… they’re not really “character studies,” because that sounds boring. But in the most non-boring way, it’s about Stargirl and Manhunter and what makes them tick. And then sort of drawing them together in a crazy sort of road trip.

They’re traveling across the country and the world has ended. In a way, it’s like a post-apocalypse with all the villains having taken over. And then these two characters are running across the world trying to make things better and save the day and figure out what happened.

So yeah, instead of being a big team book, it’s going to be showing the aftermath [of Trinity War] then showing what happened to the rest of the [Justice League] team[s]. And then how these two escaped, and how they have to work together.

Regarding how Martian Manhunter and Stargirl begin their road trip story, Kindt mentioned them breaking out of a “crazy prison” and trying to overcome memory wipes, hinting at the possible fates of the Justice Leagues:

The first issue and a half is them sort of breaking out of this crazy prison that they’re in. And they have to figure out what they’re in, why they’re in it, and how to get out. So that happens.

And then the rest of it is going to be them on a road trip across the country, dealing with all the horrible stuff that’s happened.

Kindt also mentioned that Martian Manhunter and Stargirl’s powers would be diminished, that they would be “limping along” as they encounter this new world order of supervillains.

Justice League of America #8 by Matt Kindt and Doug Mahnke is out in October.