It is being reported by The Beat that Joe Simon, the Golden Age comics writer and first Editor of Timely Comics (later known as Marvel Comics) and the man responsible for the creation of Captain America, Bucky Barnes, The Sandman, The Fly and countless others, has passed away.

News broke via Jim Simon‘s (Joe’s Son) Facebook page to friends and family earlier today. News is still sketchy and the circumstances of Joe’s passing have yet to be confirmed. We will update this page regularly as we receive more details but this really sad news to report on, particularly so quickly after the recent death of The Joker co-creator Jerry Robinson.

In some ways, two of WhatCulture!’s most beloved recent film blockbusters are great dedications to both Robinson and Simon with The Dark Knight giving us Heath Ledger’s timeless and Academy Award winning performance as The Clown Prince of Crime and this year’s Captain America: The First Avenger finally giving us in Chris Evans a Steve Rogers we can believe in.

Watch those movies tonight and remember the respective roots of both.

Joe Simon 1913 - 2011

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This article was first posted on December 15, 2011