Lois Lane #1 Just Reintroduced A Beloved DC Character

Greg Rucka's return to DC Comics looks like it's the real deal.

Lois Lane 1
DC Comics/Mike Perkins

2019 sees the launch of two new Superman-related comics over at DC, with Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber bringing a brand-new Jimmy Olsen series to shelves this July, and Greg Rucka and Mike Perkins doing the same with Lois Lane. The former releases next week, but the latter dropped this Wednesday and it is stunning.

Rucka roots this new Lois comic within the context of her profession. She's a journalist, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the Daily Planet, and the Gotham Central and Detective Comics writer uses that as a platform to show readers a new side of the character, or at least one that tends to get overlooked in most Superman books.

It's scathing, atmospheric and charming all in one - and it even sees Rucka return to one of his favourite characters. Doing so restores a glimmer of an old thread from pre-Flashpoint continuity, and also provides a new twist on an old hero's legacy.

Lois Lane 1 Renee Montoya Question
DC Comics/Mike Perkins

Renee Montoya has appeared in a few comics post-New 52, but Rucka returns the character to her old vigilante persona in Lois Lane #1, as one of two Questions currently active. The writer has spent years writing Montoya, most famously in Gotham Central's seminal 'Half a Life' arc, and it's great to see her back as the Question here. Renee succeeded Vic Sage as the main Question in '52' - not the New 52 - but a new twist has been put on their partnership here, with Vic having been resurrected in Rebirth continuity. Renee took on the mantle in the old universe after Sage's death, but he's mounted a comeback in Brian Bendis' Superman books as of late, both in Action Comics and Event Leviathan.

It's actually Sage who Lane meets to track down a lead in Russia, but with him seemingly working the Leviathan case in the US, it seems as though Renee is taking a lead here. Later solicitations also confirm that the two Questions will be working together on the same investigation in Lois Lane #3, so it'll be exciting to see how that plays out.

For now, though, you should all go read Lois Lane #1. It's a great first issue and a strong statement of intent from Rucka and Perkins. Here's hoping the best is still to come.

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