Marvel Quiz: How Well Do You ACTUALLY Know Spider-Man?

Think you're the ultimate Spidey fan? Prove it.

Marvel Comics

When it comes to the pantheon of comic-book greats, there are few as popular and influential as Spider-Man. While he may not have been there right at the beginning of the superhero boom, or even around when Captain American burst onto the scene by punching Adolf Hitler in the face, the old Web Head changed the game in the 1960s by giving readers a relatable hero who was just like them.

Fast forward a few decades later and Spidey has enjoyed three successful cinematic incarnations, a wealth of great animated TV shows and, of course, a ridiculous amount of comics for fans to devour.

With such a long, storied (and often controversial) history, just about anyone could bluff their way through a conversation on Marvel's signature wall crawler, but there are just as many fans who have lived and died by their Spidey knowledge.

That doesn't mean they don't need to test their mettle though, and there are some topics which instantly mark out the Peter Parker pretenders from the true believers among us.

1. In Which Comic Did Spider-Man Make His Debut?


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