Marvel's Avengers: 10 Heroes The Game MUST Include

Crystal Dynamics already promised an expanding roster, but here's who they should include first...

Avengers Spider Man

Marvel's Avengers might have debuted to a somewhat divided response, but there's no denying it possesses buttloads of promise.

The idea of assembling your own Avengers (sans weirdly designed Captain America) is a proven concept that's sure to resonate with fans, and while Crystal Dynamics have only shown off six members so far - those being Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk and Hank Pym - there's still plenty of scope for further additions down the line.

Indeed, the studio confirmed as much after the first trailer. If you managed to make out their comments over all the cheering and wooping in the audience, you'll have heard the announcement that dozens more heroes and locations will make their way into the game post-launch for free. That's on top of all the characters likely to be in the main story, with Pym the first member to appear outside of the initial group.

But who, out of Marvel's almost limitless roster, should join the Avengers first? There are plenty of names that will spring to mind, but a certain few that, were they not to appear, would definitely be considered as having been overlooked.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes are so much more than the six on display in that first trailer. Here's who Crystal should introduce to make things truly interesting.

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