MCU: 10 Fan Ideas Better Than What Marvel Have Planned

You know what? Maybe Secret Invasion isn't a good idea...

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The MCU just keeps getting better and better, and with Infinity War set to shake things up in a pretty massive way come April, fans have gotten pretty excited (and anxious) as to what the future holds.

And that's because the MCU, a franchise populated by familiar characters during the last decade, is heading into uncharted territory. Stars will depart, debuts will come, and the stakes will be raised. It's going to make the franchise's fourth phase a really interesting one to contemplate, and with Disney's tyrannical conquest of Fox opening up the doors for both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to enter the scene, limits for what ostensibly can - or can't - be told, are getting more and more boundless by the day.

That being said, fans of the MCU are going to have to reconcile their expectations - and ideas - with what the House of Mouse have planned for the future. Brilliant concepts are going to fall on deaf ears, and while there's no reason to doubt Marvel going forward, given just how good their productions have been - certainly over the past few years - there are certain ideas that must be better than what'll have been drafted.

At least, you'd think so.

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