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Marvel's The Punisher Frank Castle Jon Bernthal

Welcome back, Frank.

Netflix have been building towards the Punisher's return to the MCU with a series of tantalisingly vague teasers this past month, and today they finally delivered. Granted, it didn't come with a release date, but still, we're getting more of Jon Bernthal's Punisher this year, and it can't be more than a few months away from happening.

The trailer itself is totally magnetic, boasting a superb use of Metallica's One complete with gunfights, explosions, and plenty of angsty-looking pauses for Bernthal to really display his acting chops. It looks fantastic, and while questions remain regarding what, exactly, is going on with the character's origins, there's no denying the series is making a real effort to rekindle the embers that made Daredevil Season 2 so great in the first place.

We also got to see Ebon Moss-Bachrach's Micro for the first time, who makes his MCU debut as Frank Castle's venerable partner in crime, David Lieberman. Deborah Ann Woll also makes an appearance as Karen Page, as does Ben Barnes' Billy Russo - a character who, in the comics at least, becomes the villainous Jigsaw, one of the Punisher's arch enemies. Much of the trailer's precious seconds were also dedicated to Paul Schulze's William Rawlins, who looks to be taking on the role of the series' ancillary antagonist.

The trailer provides only the latest in a long line of reasons to be excited for the upcoming production, and - given the involvement of talents like Steven Lightfoot and Tyler Bates - it looks as though they'll just keep on coming.

Again, no word on a release date yet, but it can't be coming any later than November. If you're stuck for what to do until then, well, there's no better time to read some of the character's greatest hits. Going off of what we know of the series so far, they could just serve you well.

Are you as excited as we are for this new Punisher series? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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