NYCC 2017: Richard Donner Will Write Superman In Action Comics #1000

Donner famously directed Superman: The Movie.

Superman Action Comics 1000
DC Comics

On top of the announcements of a Vertigo and Milestone relaunch, DC took the time yesterday to announce their plans to celebrate the release of Action Comics #1000, which will coincide with the 80th anniversary of DC's longest running series.

The issue, continuing on from Peter J. Tomasi and Dan Jurgens' series, will even feature a story by Geoff Johns and none other than Richard Donner himself too, who most will know as the director of Superman: The Movie. That's pretty amazing in and of itself, but DC aren't stopping there either: Action Comics #1000 promises to be a bonafide celebration of the Man of Steel, complete with reprints of classic issues, spotlights on iconic moments, scholarly essays and - coolest of all - a massive poster that includes all of the 1000 covers from Action Comics' expansive printing run.

Action Comics 1000
DC Comics

It's a major milestone for the industry as a whole, so it's great to see DC treating the occasion with the bombast it deserves. It's the first major American comic series to enter quadruple digits, and with the medium generally getting more and more engrossed in nostalgia, legacy and all the rest of it, it arrives in a particularly relevant moment.

As for Action Comics itself, Tomasi and Jurgens have been killing it on the series lately. It's well worth a read even without the milestone approaching, and it's even likely you'll get more out of the anniversary if you hop onboard now. The issue won't be releasing until March in any case, so there's plenty of time to get caught up before then.

What do you think of this anniversary news? Are you pumped to read some scholarly Superman? Let us know in the comments below!

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