Sam Wilson's Captain America: 10 Things Fans Need To Know

Steve Rogers is no more. It's time for more Sam Wilson in the MCU.

Marvel Comics

Captain America is gone; long live Captain America. The moment will stand out in many fans minds. The torch, or in this case shield, is being passed down. Sam Wilson is the new holder of that iconic title. That change is what fans were waiting for a while to come to fruition.

Well, it’s here. That character that only occasionally shows up in films and never got a standalone movie in the first three phases is the new leader. The lack of leading man content has some viewers confused. Some people aren’t sure what to think of Sam Wilson becoming Captain America. Don’t worry, this article will quiet the doubters.

Sam Wilson was first introduced to comic book fans in 1969. Since then, audiences have been able to trust in him to support Steve Rogers and aide him in defeating iconic bad guys.

There’s a lot of content there to pull from for this character. Some of it is fun trivia, but other parts of his story allude to potential future plot points. Taking on the shield means taking on all the drama that comes with it. As Sam Wilson flies into a new phase of MCU films, let’s dive into some essential character factoids fans need to know.


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