SDCC 2017: Stan Lee Shows Off The Defenders Ahead Of The Punisher's Trailer Debut

Yeah, we're a tad emotional too.

The Defenders

San Diego Comic Con has barely even kicked off and already we're getting some pretty wild looks at some upcoming shows. In Marvel's case, they've just dropped just about the best teaser for The Defenders yet, featuring a narration from everybody's favourite True Believer himself, Stan Lee.

I don't know about you, but Stan just hypes these guys up so well. And while the footage didn't really show off anything new regarding Netflix's impending antihero team-up, we did get to see a nice brief tease of John Bernthal in full Punisher garb, most likely before we get a full trailer for his long-anticipated solo series this Friday.

Marvel have kept things relatively quiet in regards to Frank Castle's Netflix Series, but it's hard to think the silence will continue for long. Just yesterday, the official Punisher Twitter account posted an ominous-looking skull thing, so yeah, we're thinking something big's going to happen this weekend.

Isn't this time of the year just wonderful?


How excited are you for The Defenders premier next month? Or are you more pumped for Frank Castle's own solo series? Let us know in the comments below and, before you do, be sure to set your sights to WhatCulture for all the latest coverage on SDCC 2017.

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