Sony's Marvel Film Universe: 8 Things You Need To Know

Wait, so is it REALLY connected to the MCU?

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Marvel Studios

Sony's long gestating cinematic universe has been stuck in an odd place as of late, what with all the hoo-ha surrounding their deal with Marvel having obfuscated things a great deal.

Questions regarding the license, what it meant for Sony's previously planned Sinister Six spin-off and more have been met with vague and at times contradictory statements from Amy Pascal and Marvel's Kevin Feige, but we do, actually, know a great deal regarding the planned universe, including who will (and won't) be featuring.

Indeed, while buzz surrounding the move has remained mute at best, the few brief looks we've been given at what Sony have planned are certainly encouraging. Better yet, they even sound fresh, with Venom in particular sounding more and more compelling as each day passes.

And yes, while we all long for the day that the House of Mouse regains control of their licenses, having Sony engage in a genuine effort to do right by the Spidey license can only be a good thing. The Amazing Spider-Man may not have set the world alight, but it wasn’t Fantastic Four bad, or even on the same level as X-Men: Apocalypse.

Deadpool and Logan proved that Fox could do Marvel proud however. Who’s to say Sony won’t either?

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