Spider-Man PS4 New Trailer: 12 Things Everybody Missed

1. Seamless Vehicle Combat

Spider-Man PS4 Truck

Past open-world Spidey titles have always featured some sort of vehicle combat, but nothing as nuanced as what's been shown off in Insomniac's title.

Flashback ten years ago, and the equivalent would've been jumping onto the vehicle question and pummelling its engine until you had to dodge a gunshot. Now? Spidey can thwip from car to car, kicking drivers out of their seats and scaling seamlessly from one part of a car to the next. It's by far the most exciting gameplay feature of Insomniac's new title, and while there are countless other gameplay features to speak of, taking to the streets and dismantling some villainous vehicles is really quite exciting.

No word on how those interior segments will factor into the open-world more generally (at the moment they seem to get unlocked in linear segments), but if this kind of seamless gameplay can be integrated with that, then this could just be the most immersive comic book locale we've seen yet.

Arkham Asylum, eat your heart out.

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