Supergirl Season 4 Finale: What Does The Ending Really Mean?

5. What Happens?

Supergirl Season 4 Finale Kara Alex Danvers
The CW

With all that had been happening during the season, there was a lot to pack into the finale, as 'The Quest For Peace' had to bring an end to all areas of Lex Luthor's master plan.

Kicking off with a new look at the events of the penultimate episode, Lex thwarted the army of Kaznian soldiers that he instructed to attack and, in doing so, portrayed himself as the hero that America apparently needed. Officially pardoned and pulling President Baker's strings, he took up residence in the White House and attempted to fire the Claymore weapon at Argo City, destroying Superman and his entire family.

That was a plan that Kara had no intention of allowing and, as a result, she helped Alex and James in launching their own attack on Shelley Island in a bid to save the abducted aliens, before taking the fight to Lex in the skies. Thanks to an unexpected assist from the Red Daughter, the Girl of Steel successfully brought Lex's reign of manipulation and terror to an end, restoring the peace between humans and aliens.

In the end, the world had been saved and the war was over, but a series of shocking reveals in the closing moments suggests that even greater threats await them next season.

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