Superior Spider-Man #6AU (Age of Ultron Tie-In) Review

The second Age of Ultron Tie-In sees the Superior Spider-man (Doc Ock in Peter Parker’s body) attempt to neutralise the…

Noel Thorne


spiderman 6

The second Age of Ultron Tie-In sees the Superior Spider-man (Doc Ock in Peter Parker’s body) attempt to neutralise the Ultron threat himself using his advanced knowledge of robotics. But despite appearing to follow Iron Man’s plan involving himself and Quicksilver, Ock decides to reprogramme the Ultron drones for his own purposes and become ruler of the world! Or at least that’s the plan…

Taking place before the events of Age of Ultron #3, Christos Gage manages to create tension and made me believe Doc Ock/Spidey was actually going to take down the Ultrons himself even though I’d read AU#3 before this and knew it didn’t work. That’s some pretty good writing.

This is also the first time in the Event that Spidey has sounded like Doc Ock. In the main story arc Spidey sounds like Peter Parker but in this issue, maybe because it’s Superior Spider-man, he sounds like Doc Ock again. It’s still odd how none of the other characters notice the change in behaviour.

For Spider-man fans who didn’t like seeing their hero tied up and helpless in Age of Ultron #1, it’s good to see him up and kicking butt again. There’s some excellent Spider-man action as we see just how deadly Spidey can be, taking out numerous Ultron drones in a great sequence. Dexter Soy’s art is really good and I think his Ultron drones have been the creepiest and most memorable depictions out of all of the artists so far. In his hands, they almost look emotive and alive rather than just machines.

I will say the ending was kinda cheesy in an after-school special sort of way – it didn’t spoil the comic but it did make me roll my eyes. And for readers who’re behind on the main story, the AR content catches you up on Spidey’s story thus far, which is handy.

Superior Spider-man #6AU has some good writing and art and is an enjoyable add-on to the Age of Ultron arc. You don’t need to read it to keep up with the main story but it shows the heroes aren’t trying just one plan to take down Ultron, which is the impression you might get if you’re reading the AU issues exclusively. At any rate it’s good fun, which is what superhero comics should be, and well worth a look.

Superior Spider-man #6AU (Age of Ultron Tie-In) is out now at your local comics shop and online at Comixology and Marvel Unlimited