Teen Titans Revival: 10 Reasons It Will Be Better Than Titans

10. An Established Universe With A Team Of Fully Developed Characters

Warner Bros

Starting from scratch is almost always a double-edged sword. On one hand, a fresh start grants a certain level of creative freedom. On the other, it can be hard to see years of work and development be left behind.

Besides, not only is DC Universe's Titans starting all over, but they already seem to be starting off on the wrong foot. For instance, the main focus of the show is clearly meant to be Robin. In turn, it feels like the rest of the team is falling by the wayside as a result and any development for them will come second, if at all.

Meanwhile, Teen Titans already has a full team of characters who've had five whole seasons (plus a TV movie) of growth and development, with most of the main cast having entire seasons dedicated to them.

Not only that, but Teen Titans also has several other teams/factions actively operating in its universe, including the Titans East, Titans North, Titans South, the freelance/honorary Titans, and the Doom Patrol.

Whereas Titans is going to have to go through the trouble of re-introducing the characters, re-establishing the universe, and just playing catch-up in general, the Teen Titans revival is fully prepared to hit the ground running with its established world and not look back.


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